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Statement on Organizations With a History of Abuse

By August 30, 2021March 15th, 2022No Comments

At ECAP, our goal as an organization is to help churches and ministries prevent abuse. Our accreditation program and Standards were developed for the purpose of coming alongside ministries in order to assist them in ensuring that rules and boundaries are in place within their organization to prevent the harm of individuals under their care.

We sincerely wish we had the ability to go back in time and prevent the harm that has taken place in the lives of so many innocent and undeserving children. We know that abuse survivors carry with them the scars of their trauma, and that telling the truth about an abuser requires immense courage. We want them to know that our Standards prioritize protecting vulnerable people. We encourage the organizations we accredit to put vulnerable persons first, before their own interests.

We are devoted to working with Christian ministries who are committed to making the future of their organizations safe for children and youth and abuse-free. It is our desire that, besides finding rest in the promises of the gospel, abuse victims find solace in our mission to end abuse in the context of Christian ministries forever.

Because all people are made in the image of God, all people are deserving of a chance to learn who he is in a safe and loving environment. By implementing our Standards, we believe that ministries are putting proper structures in place to make sure that this is possible. Organizations that have had instances of abuse are perhaps the organizations that need our safety Standards the most. Whatever their history, we desire to serve anyone that aspires to make the future of their organization safe for kids.

We are hopeful that as we remain dedicated to this work, the Lord will bless our efforts, and no one will have to worry about abuse taking place within the walls of a Christian ministry.

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