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Support the Mission

ECAP is able to continue to serve and support Christian ministries thanks to the generosity and prayers of many friends who give and help make this ministry possible. Will you join us as we come along side of churches and Christian ministries to assist them with child protection and abuse prevention? The resources made available on this website serve ministries across the US and around the world and are only possible because of our generous financial partners. We invite you to join us in the work for the sake of the next generation, vulnerable populations, and our witness before a watching world.

Ways to Support ECAP:

General Fund

Give to help meet our most urgent financial needs

Grants for organizations developing Child Protection Programs

ECAP will award grants for organizations that need financial assistance in developing an ECAP-compliant Child Protection Program (provided through an ECAP Affiliate Member).

Scholarship for organizations seeking accreditation

ECAP will award scholarships for organizations that have developed compliant Child Safety policies, but need financial assistance to pay member dues.

Formation of Mexican and Canadian Councils

Our hope is to form Councils for Abuse Prevention for ministries based in Mexico and Canada.

Translation of On Guard into Spanish or French

Deepak Reju’s On Guard has had a huge impact on churches considering Child Safety Help us share this resource with the Spanish and French-speaking world.

Translation of ECAP Standards into Spanish or French

Help us share Child Safety guidelines with the Spanish and French-speaking world. Over 500 million people speak Spanish, and 300 million speak French.

Development of Child Safety Curriculum

ECAP is developing a child safety curriculum for Christian school students, with age-appropriate content for kids ranging from K-12. If you would like to see children learn how to protect themselves from abuse, consider donating here to help us reach our goal of $15,000 for this project.

Contact Us

Mailing address: 1001 Mayport Road #330386 ۰ Atlantic Beach, FL 32233