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The ECAP Affiliate Member Program includes like-minded companies and ministries that provide supplementary products or services designed to advance our mission of creating safe ministry environments. Our goal is to build a network of companies who are committed to child protection and provide our members with tools for building and operating their important work and ministry.

How to Become an Affiliate Member

Your company or organization can partner with ECAP to serve our candidate and accredited members with your products or services. When you join ECAP, you’ll have access to connect and engage through numerous opportunities including public and private affiliate listing, access to member contact information, marketing, article collaboration, sponsorships, and resource certification.

Nonprofit Organizations

$ 800*

  •  Access to Members
  •  Public Website Listing
  • Website Banner
  • Event Listing
  • Newsletter inclusion (1x)
  • Email Sponsorship (2x) +$200
  • Resource Certification +$TBD
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*Introductory pricing. Annual rates will increase to $1,100 starting March 1, 2023

For-Profit Organizations

$ 1,500*

  •  Access to Members
  •  Public Website Listing
  • Website Banner
  • Event Listing
  • Newsletter inclusion (1x)
  • Email Sponsorship (2x) +$200
  • Resource Certification +$TBD
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*Introductory pricing. Annual rates will increase to $1,800 starting March 1, 2023

Affiliate Benefits

  • Access to members
  • Sponsorship and event opportunities
  • Website banner
  • Newsletter inclusion
  • Website listing (public and private Association Management System)
    • Logo
    • Link
    • Description of product or service

Add-on Benefits*

  • Email inclusion or sponsor an email 
  • Events sponsorship
  • Exhibiting opportunities
  • Direct mail
  • Marketing Credit                                                                
  • Event Slide
  • Event Banner

*Add-on benefits come at an additional charge

Corporate Pledge

All volunteers, employees, staff, and board members of the Organization will act with honesty, integrity, and openness in all their dealings as representatives of the organization. 

Organization must have an employee Code of Conduct and/or policies in place prohibiting sexual harassment, violence, and other material harm to others, applicable to all volunteers, staff, and board members.

Organization must comply with state mandatory reporting regulations to report suspected child abuse, and their personnel must cooperate fully in any investigation of abuse of children and/or youth, and not discourage its volunteers, staff, or board members regarding compliance with state mandatory reporting regulations.

The Organization must have policies regulating conflicts of interests in the actions of a board member, staff member, or volunteer, and whether of a financial, ethical, or other serious matter such as related to sexual impropriety or child abuse.

The Organization must not take any action or make any statement that conflicts with ECAP’s mission to protect children. Organization thus must not promote, endorse, or otherwise support any other organization or individuals whose activities and positions are known to conflict with ECAP’s mission to protect children.

*Affirmation required by all affiliate member companies

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Affiliate Resource

Join us for ECAP’s first Affiliate Resource Roundtable! This is an opportunity to learn about resource needs and opportunities to support ministries with child protection, abuse prevention, and response. ECAP has identified a number of resources to aid ministries in building and sustaining child protection programs as well as reaching compliance to ECAP Child Safety Standards. Join Executive Director Jeff Dalrymple along with practitioners, ministry leaders, and experts in the field to explore opportunities for new and improved resources, services, and technology for child protection. ECAP intends to periodically facilitate roundtable sessions to improve the field of child safety. Come participate in the discussion and identify resource development opportunities for your company or ministry.

When: Thursday, February 9th – 1:00PM PT / 4:00PM ET

This online event is
free for Affiliated Members.

Non-members can join us for $45.

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