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Transforming child safety measures, ECAP is equipping Christian churches, schools, camps and ministries that serve children to adopt an elevated standard of care.

Together, let’s shield our children from harm and create a brighter, safer tomorrow!

Member Benefits

Guidance from ECAP staff

Get individualized advice and consultation on building your Child Protection Program.

Exclusive Child Safety Resources

Delve into a treasure trove of resources to fortify your knowledge and practices.

Discounted Offerings from Affiliate Providers

Access exclusive deals on products and services from trusted organizations.

Discounted Access to ECAP Events

Enjoy reduced rates for or free admission to ECAP events.

Empowerment through Unity

Forge connections with ministries sharing your mission to safeguard children.

Membership Tiers

Ministry member categories are designed for entry-level pre-accredited child/youth serving ministries. After an organization attains accreditation status, they are “graduated” out of this membership type and into a new and public membership status. These membership types are designed to serve and support organizations that either want to benefit from ECAP membership and tap into resources from ECAP or Affiliates. Accreditation is not required for these “private” organizations but we hope to encourage them towards compliance. 

Note: Member ministries must affirm ECAP’s Statement of Faith or not hold views contrary and must directly provide programs for children/youth. 

Standard Membership

$325 / year

Small to mid-sized organizations that serve children/youth. These organizations range in size, scope, and complexity. This membership type is a good entry-level membership option for ministries that plan to DIY in building their child protection program. This is a good membership type for organizations that plan to take several years in working toward accreditation.


Premium Membership

$1100 / year

Premium membership is for mid-large sized ministries that want to tap into more expertise from ECAP in building their child protection program. Perhaps an organization has multiple campuses, divisions, states, and wants to move more intentionally towards accreditation.

Unique Benefits:

  • Initial assessment
  • 4 hours of coaching annually
  • Cohort registration for 1 team member

National Membership

$3500 / year

This high-level membership tier is designed for large organizations that span multiple states and locations. These organizations may be more complex and ECAP will need to consult with this organization on becoming accredited. ECAP will consult with these organizations and will make recommendations in collaboration with leadership.

Unique Benefits:

    • Initial Assessment may include on-site visit(s)
    • >6 hours of coaching included per year
    • Consulting to include assessment, recommendations, pathway toward accreditation, support and other services designed to advance child and youth protection as well as sustainability.
    • Onsite training (travel reimbursed), intensive workshop, cohort, and/or additional support.

Consider other membership options

Our Church Plant Membership or Affiliate Member Program may be right for you.

Church Plant MembershipAffiliate ProviderAffiliate Network


Contact us if you’re interested in any of these services for your ministry.

Initial Assessment

ECAP Staff will remotely assess your current policies and procedures against the current ECAP Standards and will will return a written report that can be used by leadership to enhance your child safety program.

(Discounted for members and affiliates)


This service is tailored to each individual project with defined scope and deliverables.

Contact us for a quote on consulting.


A five-month program that equips leaders to consider, develop, implement, and review safety measures that reflect ECAP Child Safety Standards.

$800 for members / $1000 for non-members

Intensive Workshops

An in-person review of your program guided by ECAP’s Accreditation Director, covering all ECAP Child Safety Standards and associated tasks and resources. This workshop will enable your organization to complete your Self-Study in 30-90 days with steps to achieve compliance.

$1000 + travel expenses

Coaching Session

ECAP staff or consultant working on behalf of ECAP to support child and youth serving organizations in their child safety efforts.

(Discounted for blocks or bundles of sessions and specific membership types)

Child Protection Training

90 minute child protection 101 workshop with a 60 minute presentation and Q&A. Admission is free for the host ministry, discounted for ECAP members and affiliates, and open to the public at a standard rate.

Contact us if you’re interested in hosting a workshop at your ministry.

What's Next?

When you’re ready, begin the accreditation process.

Learn more about Accreditation

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Affiliate Networks


Stay Connected

As an advocate for abuse victims in the church, I've seen a lot of bungled situations and even some criminal cover-ups. What ECAP offers is a practical solution. Not only will ECAP help your organization meet safety standards, but they provide objective third-party accountability. So, it won't be just your elders, or board of directors, or buddies from seminary saying you're meeting safety standards, but an impartial non-profit passionate about protecting kids and honoring Jesus Christ.

Jennifer GreenbergChild Advocate | Author

The evangelical church has long since needed standards for a safe children's ministry . ECAP not only has provided that for us, but it's willing to show up at your door, help you think about the stewardship of your children, and help make your church a secure place for your children. It's been a delight to work with the team at ECAP, and I look forward to seeing what God will do in the days ahead through this ministry.

Deepak RejuAuthor | Pastor, Capital Hill Baptist Church

Help support the mission of protecting the vulnerable.

An organization must provide direct children/youth programs 

An organization must affirm the ECAP Statement of Faith (or not hold views contrary).

$325 annual membership