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Strengthening your ministry through abuse prevention


Meets virtually from 3 to 4:30 p.m. CT on the second Thursday of each month from August through December.

The aim of the Child Protection Cohort is to provide support for leaders of a child/youth-serving organization to increase the protection standards of their programs. The Cohort is a five-month program that equips leaders to consider, develop, implement, and review safety measures that reflect the Child Safety Standards of the Evangelical Council for Abuse Prevention. This will be accomplished through required readings of assigned books and cohort discussions designed to put knowledge into practice and aid in understanding the fundamentals of creating and implementing a child protection program. Cohort discussions are 1.5 hours, each month, for five months. Students are expected to have read the required reading before the discussion and participate during discussions.

Fall 2024 Schedule

August 8 – Standard 1: Governance
September 12 – Standard 2: Child Safety Operations
October 10 – Standard 3: Screening
November 14 – Standard 4: Training
December 12 – Standard 5: Response

Students are expected to attend all five sessions.

Required Textbooks

  • On Guard by Deepak Reju
  • Safeguards by Julie Lowe
  • Various articles by leading experts

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students will be able to understand and explain the 73 indicators of the ECAP safety standards.
  • Students will identify and connect ECAP indicators to the child safety policies of their organization.
  • Students will be able to discuss and consider options for creating new policies.
  • Students will be able to complete and implement an ECAP-compliant child protection policy.

Meet Your Instructor

Jeremy Herron was part of the expert panel that created the ECAP Child Safety Standards. He is also the director of Providence Kids at Providence Church in Frisco, Texas. Using the experience he gained from years of reshaping and leading kids ministries, Jeremy began to see that his impact on local churches could have a broader reach and the passion for keeping children safe could be instilled at ministries across the nation. Over time, these conversations developed into Fortified Consulting to create a more formal approach to see every church, school and ministry be stronger and safer for the children and youth in these programs.