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ECAP Equips: Expert Public Speakers on Child Protection & Abuse Prevention

The ECAP Child Advocate Speakers will equip your ministry with the tools you need to provide a safe environment for children to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. Our speakers strive to increase awareness about the problem of abuse and the vulnerability of children in Christian churches, schools, and camps. They can provide training to the Christian community, focusing on abuse prevention, identification, and reporting. They also desire to help Christian organizations employ principles of good governance, helping ministry teams steward the resources God has given them.

Rebecca Santos

Communications Director | Child Advocate

Rebecca Santos is the Communications Director for ECAP. She has always had a passion to protect children and speaks for children around the world @TheBoldAdvocate. When Rebecca worked for Corporate America, she specialized in consulting with businesses in risk management. She has served for over five years at her local church in both Nursery Coordinator and VBS Director roles. Her role within ECAP is to create awareness by reaching out to our target market and educating them on how they can create an ironclad child protection program for their ministries. When she's not advocating for children, you can find her in her beloved garden. She presently resides in Jacksonville, FL with her husband, children, and pets.

Jeff Dalrymple

Executive Director

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Julie Lowe

Author | Counselor

Julie is Associate Faculty at CCEF and a Counselor with over sixteen years experience. She has a Master of Arts degree in Counseling from Biblical Theological Seminary, is a Licensed Professional Counselor and certified as a Registered Play Therapist. She has extensive experience with women's issues, body image issues, parenting, and child maltreatment issues. She speaks at events regarding body image, women's issues, parenting and children, conflict resolution, and helping churches and ministries work through issues of sexual abuse.
Julie and her husband, Greg, have five children and serve as foster parents. While at CCEF, Julie has developed a play therapy office and resources to better serve families and children. Areas of interest/experience: women's issues, teens and children, body image, adoption, sexual abuse and trauma, and issues regarding parenting & children.

Jennifer Greenberg

Advisory Board Member | Recording Artist | Author |Survivor

Jennifer Greenberg is an author, recording artist, and survivor of child abuse and domestic violence. Her debut book, Not Forsaken: A Story of Life After Abuse (The Good Book Company) is used in seminaries, counseling programs, and churches to equip leaders and comfort survivors. Her next book, about the defiant joy exemplified by Jesus in his sufferings, releases in 2023 (Multnomah). Her writings combine experience with the gospel of hope to help victims, survivors, and those who walk alongside them.
Jennifer is married to her best friend, Jason, and they have three daughters: Elowyn, Leianor, and Gwynevere. They belong to The Haven OPC in Long Island, New York.

Jenna Quinn

Board Member | Author | Survivor

Jenna Quinn is a triumphant survivor of sexual abuse, author, TED speaker, and the survivor behind Jenna’s Law. She has become a valiant warrior against sexual abuse of children and adolescents through education and legislation. She moved into political action in 2007, reaching out to Texas legislators about the need for schools to adopt age-appropriate curriculum on child sexual abuse, now known as Jenna’s Law which was passed in May 2009. In 2017, Jenna’s Law was amended to include sex trafficking prevention education in schools.

Sally Wagenmaker

General Counsel

Sally Wagenmaker provides legal counsel in corporate, tax, employment, and real estate matters for nonprofits operating on local, national, and international levels. Her clients include churches and other religious organizations, social service providers, and schools. Sally lives in Chicago with her husband Dan, and they have two children in college.

Theresa Sidebotham

Expert Panel Chair (Standards Drafting Committee)

Theresa Sidebotham has represented a variety of businesses, ministries, and churches in her capacity as founding attorney at Telios Law PLLC. This has included legal and policy issues such as child protection and safety, as well as facilitating investigations; both historic and current.

DeeDee Mayer

CEO | RelateStrong Director | Therapist

Dyonette “Dee Dee” Mayer is the Director of the RelateStrong program for the Boone Center for the Family. She is a licensed clinical social worker who has been in private practice for over twenty years specializing in treating couples, women in leadership, and families.

She earned a Doctor in Ministry from Azusa Pacific University studying healthy leadership in ministry contexts. She has over 20 years of experience providing organizational leadership and program management in academic and community health environments. She is passionate about supporting ministry leaders and congregations in developing strong and healthy relationships.
Prior to joining the Boone Center for the Family, Dee Dee served at Oaks Christian School as the Associate Head of School for Spiritual Life investing in spiritual formation and discipleship for youth and families. She also served as co-host for Movieguide TV supporting parents and families in making media-wise choices.

Dee Dee loves to help couples and individuals prepare their relationships for life and leadership as they build character, cultivate healthy attachments, and grow in compassion towards self and others. Dee Dee loves to teach through God’s word and encourage people towards a transformational relationship with Jesus Christ. She is a published author, regular guest on national radio programs, and a sought-after public speaker.

Dee Dee has been married to her husband, Albert since 1994. Together, they have three adult children.

Startling Statistics: Fueling Our Drive to Make a Difference!

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of all boys
of protestants under the age of 35
of all child abuse cases

Explore a Range of Engaging Presentations for Your Needs

For Ministry Leaders

Ministry Protections for Children and Youth

Child abuse. It’s the unspeakable done to the most vulnerable in our society. As Ministry Leaders, how do we prevent abuse? How do we spot it when it’s happening? What are our responsibilities when we suspect it? What precautions can I put up within my ministry to prevent predators from perpetrating? How do I identify grooming behaviors? We will discuss this difficult topic and the resources available through ECAP to prevent child abuse in the Christian ministry context.

For Broad Christian Audience

The Devastation of Child Abuse: Prevention, Indicators and Our Responsibility

Child abuse. A heinous act against vulnerable individuals in our society. Addressing it is challenging but pivotal to the health of the next generation. So, how can we actively combat this problem? How can we spot signs of abuse? And what responsibilities do we have when we suspect it? How do we identify and address grooming behaviors linked to child abuse? By the end of this discussion, Christians will be equipped with the fundamentals of preventing, identifying and responding to abuse whether it be in the church or in day-to-day interactions with children.


Child Abuse: Other Presentations

If you desire a personalized presentation, kindly complete the form provided below. We will collaborate with you to meet the specific requirements of your ministry needs and / or event objectives.

Our team of skilled Christian public speakers are at your disposal, ready to support you and your organization. Consider these additional topics: child protection, abuse prevention, abuse response and investigation, survivor stories and testimonies, biblical stewardship, organizational leadership, godly governance, risk management, safeguards for kids & the vulnerable, abuse and the mission field, Christian legal and ethical topics, legislative advocacy, and much more. Contact us to find out which speaker is best for your needs.

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