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The ECAP auditor is an essential team member of the child safety program for ministries to demonstrate compliance on an annual basis. Two qualified auditors form a validation team which conducts organizational accreditation compliance audits. This audit process includes both remote as well as on site validation. The auditors are tasked with conducting this audit with the utmost integrity and transparency and to provide a written report of their findings to the ECAP Council.


Auditor Requirements

Application Process

Step 1

Application and Government Issued ID Verification

Step 2


Step 3

Three references with recent knowledge of candidate (last three years)

Step 4

Background check and sex offender registry check (within 12 months of service)

Step 5

Training for auditor responsibilities


1. Minimum age of 25 years old and minimum of five years of experience working with children or youth. 

2. Must be an employee or member in good standing of an accredited ECAP organization that serves children or youth (preferred).

    Alternates for use in initial roll out of ECAP accreditation program: 

    • ECAP expert panel member
    • Accreditation development committee
    • Legal review team
    • Charter Ministry organization employee or children’s / youth staff
    • ACSI employee or employee of member school in good standing

3. Reference checks

    1. Pastor or ministry leader
    2. Professional
    3. Personal

4.  Agree to “the Code” which includes Statement of Faith, Code of Conduct, Code of Ethics, and Conflict of Interest policy. This includes confidentiality, values, ethics, absence of conflict of interest, code of conduct and anything that would compromise the validity of the visit or evaluation.

5. Background check conducted by ECAP – No convictions of any sexual abuse or offense


Team members must not be spouses or relatives serving together or have relatives in the organization or program being evaluated. 

Team members should not be associated or affiliated with the same organization being audited.


  1. Familiar with ECAP standards, indicators, and suggested practices.
  2. Familiar with child protection and abuse prevention programs.

Validation Team

  • The visiting team will focus on standards and compliance of suggested best practices. 
  • The visiting team will follow the approved template for the visit without variation.

Download Auditor Profile Guide