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In June of 2021, the Evangelical Council for Abuse Prevention hosted its first conference on Prevention and Redemption in Nashville, TN. Some of the sessions were recorded, and you can watch them below.

How to Spot Victims and Perpetrators

In this video, Dr. Wendy Patrick discusses patterns of predators and indicators of abuse. Dr. Patrick is Deputy District Attorney in San Diego and a career trial attorney. She served as Co-Chair of the statewide California District Attorneys Association Sexual Violent Predators Committee and Human Trafficking Committee.

Hope in God and His Gospel

In this video, Julius Kim shows how the gospel is good news for survivors of abuse. Dr. Kim serves as the president of The Gospel Coalition. He serves as an associate pastor in southern California and is an author of multiple books and articles.

Establishing a Survivor Ministry

Scott Beard and Carol Hogue lead this breakout session on establishing a survivor ministry and caring for victims of abuse.

Child Safety Measures for Missionaries

Experienced missionary and child safety expert, Phil Morrison, presents on how to help sending churches assess child safety risk and protective measures for missionaries.

Sex Offender Church Integration

If/when church leadership decides to allow convicted offenders to participate in church services, what considerations and measures should be in place to keep children and the vulnerable safe? Former federal prosecutor and attorney Rob Showers helps provide a framework for this “careful grace”.

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