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Youth & Children's Worker Screening Questionnaire

Take steps to provide a safe and healthy environment that helps advance the spiritual, intellectual, and social well-being of our children and youth. Preview the Worker Screening Questionnaire below or download a sharable PDF version.

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The following questions are intended to assist ministries in appropriately vetting candidates for employment or volunteer service working either directly or indirectly with minors. These questions are simply a guide and require the interviewer and the ministry to carefully consider responses to these questions. These are intended to be asked during an interview between leadership and the candidate in person. Negative responses to these questions may not automatically disqualify some
candidates from service with minors but may rather be indicators or “red flags” that may prompt ministry leaders to redirect the service of the candidate to
another area of ministry where they may serve apart from minors. This questionnaire is intended to be used as a part of a comprehensive child protection program that includes policies & procedures, application, candidate screening including background and reference checks, training, and a response plan.


Candidate Questions:
1. Please share your testimony and expression of faith.
2. Share evidence of your efforts to live a Christ-centered life. [Listen for evidence of sincere repentance and confession language.]
3. What has your church involvement been like since becoming a Christian? Describe the last two years?
4. What do you do in your spare time (hobbies/interests)?
5. How do you approach conflict when working with others?
6. Have you ever had an issue with drugs or alcohol? If so, please describe.
7. Have you ever been accused or convicted of any type of workplace or ministry misconduct? Explain?
8. Are you currently in a situation or relationship that is sexually immoral?
9. Is there anything in your lifestyle or past that would call into question your ability to work with minors?
10. *Have you ever had an issue with pornography? If so, please provide more information.
11. Explain a time that you felt under pressure. How do you respond to pressure?
12. What age and gender of children do you prefer to work with and why?
13. Why do you want to work with children?
14. What do you consider acceptable discipline for children? Your children / others?
15. Are you aware of having any traits or tendencies that could pose a threat to minors?
16. Are you aware of any reason why you should not work with minors?
17. Have you ever been disciplined or dismissed from any employment/volunteer position following allegations of sexual misconduct, physical and/or verbal aggression, or other inappropriate behavior or conduct?
18. Have you ever pleaded guilty, been found guilty, entered a Plea Nolo Contendere, or entered an Alford plea of guilty for any offense involving a minor or any crime of violence?
19. Have you ever been placed on probation, received a suspended Execution of Sentence, or Suspended Imposition of Sentence for any offense involving a minor?
20. Have you ever been placed on any local, state or federal registry for sex offenders?
21. Have you ever been investigated by an agency charged with protecting the wellbeing of children and youth?
22. Have you ever been sued in a civil court of law where the allegations in the suit involved illegal, inappropriate, or sexual misconduct or contact with a minor child?
*Question #10 is recommended but optional and should be asked based on the approval or direction of ministry leadership.

“Red Flag” Follow Up

In the event that an application, background or reference check reveals questionable information concerning an applicant’s fitness for service with a minor, the ministry leader shall follow up with further measures as appropriate under the circumstances. Such questionable information may include, but is not limited to, convictions for non-violent crimes, evidence of drug and/or alcohol addiction, and violent conduct by the applicant. Further measures may include discussion as the applicant’s fitness, further inquiry of the applicant’s references, additional reference checks, and/or an interview with the applicant utilizing some or all of the above questions as appropriate under the circumstances. All such measures shall remain confidential. In determining the applicant’s fitness and suitability to serve in the children and
youth ministry, the interviewer shall consider some or all the following factors on a case-by-case basis:

A. Applicant’s expression of faith
B. Evidence of applicant’s current efforts to live a Christ-centered life
C. Evidence of applicant’s sincere repentance and confession of sin
D. Church involvement
E. Type of misconduct
F. Duration of misconduct
G. Number of incidents
H. Number of victims
I. When the prior incident(s) occurred
J. Whether any fiduciary relationship existed at time of misconduct
K. Prognosis of professional counselor or therapist, if available
L. Evidence of rehabilitative efforts
M. Arrests (only if brought to Committee’s attention)
N. Effectiveness of restrictions that have or could be imposed
O. Possibility of supervision
P. Strength of adverse evidence
Q. Nature of responsibilities
R. Legal precedent
S. Legal advice
T. Organizational precedent, if any
U. Denominational advice, if any
V. Insurance company or agent’s response, if any
R. Legal precedent
S. Legal advice
T. Organizational precedent, if any
U. Denominational advice, if any
V. Insurance company or agent’s response, if any