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Become a Member with ECAP and get the support you need to establish an effective Child Protection Program.

Child Protection and Abuse Prevention

Empowerment through ECAP

Watch this recorded virtual workshop to learn more about abuse and child protection for ministry leaders. We believe that child protection is important for ministry leaders because every person is created in the image of God. Furthermore, we believe that child protection is a matter of Great Commission significance and biblical stewardship.

Please visit our Events page to find more events like this virtually and in person.

ECAP Member Benefits

Empowerment through Unity

Forge connections with ministries sharing your mission to safeguard children.

Discounted Offerings from Affiliate Providers

Access exclusive deals on products and services from trusted organizations.

Exclusive Child Safety Resources

Delve into a treasure trove of resources to fortify your knowledge and practices.

Guidance from Field Experts

Attend training events led by field experts to sharpen your child protection skills.

Affordable Access to ECAP Events

Enjoy reduced rates for admission to ECAP events and conferences.

Support International Ministries

Empower other ministries by supporting ECAP and our efforts to equip the Christian community.

Collaborate in Resource Development

Work with other link-minded ministries to develop tools that can help keep kids safe.

International Christian Ministries

Membership support development of child safety resources for the international Christian community.

Unlock more benefits if you become ECAP Accredited!

The Symbol of Trust.

Accreditation is an independent process of compliance verification which determines if an organization meets defined standards. ECAP awards accreditation to ministries that demonstrate compliance to Child Safety Standards through an assessment and audit process.


For more information on who can apply, the accreditation process, rates, and more see our Accreditation page and Accreditation White Paper.


Resources for IFCA Churches: