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Follow this link to watch “Handling A Child Abuse Allegation in Your Church” livestream from Christianity Today’s Church Law & Tax.

Churches across the country continue to face allegations of child abuse. Real people are behind these allegations- those who file complaints, those who are accused, as well as those in positions of authority who must respond.

In most cases, the gospel in not reflected in the responses. Fallout is significant for everyone involved, and Church leaders must find a way to do better with such high stakes- whether spiritual, mental, relational, or legal.

Watch this video to hear from recognized experts in church leadership and law about responding to allegations, including abuse reporting, investigations, victim care, and more.


Jeff Dalrymple | Executive Director, Evangelical Council For Abuse Prevention

Robert Showers | Attorney & Principal Partner, Simms Showers

Sally Wagenmaker | Attorney & Partner, Wagenmaker & Oberly

Theresa Sidebotham | Attorney & Founder, Telios Law

Reading & Resources: 

Download the resources and templates mentioned in this webinar below. Or read one of the articles to get a handle on the basics of developing fair compensation in your ministry.

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