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Meet the Experts: Vulnerable with Raleigh Sadler

April 19, 2023 @ 4:00 pm 5:00 pm EDT

Join us for a free online event where we will hear from Raleigh Sadler, president and founder of Let My People Go, about his book Vulnerable: Rethinking Human Trafficking. 

About Vulnerable
There are more than 40 million enslaved people in the world today.

This is overwhelming. A number so large leaves us asking, What could I even do to help?

In his book Vulnerable: Rethinking Human Trafficking, Raleigh Sadler, president and founder of Let My People Go, makes the case that anyone can fight human trafficking by focusing on those who are most often targeted. This book invites the reader to understand their role in the problem of human trafficking, but more importantly, their role in the solution.

Human trafficking can be defined as the exploitation of vulnerability for commercial gain. Using the power of story and candid interviews, Sadler seeks to discover how ordinary people can fight human trafficking by recognizing vulnerability and entering in.

As vulnerable people, we can empower other vulnerable people, because Christ was made vulnerable for us.

About Raleigh Sadler

Human trafficking can happen anywhere because there are vulnerable people everywhere. But what would happen if the local church began to notice those most at risk of exploitation in their communities? Raleigh Sadler believes that the local church is God’s answer to those most vulnerable. He is the founder and executive director of Let My People Go, the author of Vulnerable: Rethinking Human Trafficking and the Let My People Go Handbook, and the host of the MercyCast, a podcast about learning the art of compassion through life’s adversity.

His passion is to see the local church fight global injustices, like human trafficking, by loving those whom traffickers most often target. He believes that God motivates people like you and me to love other vulnerable people by becoming vulnerable for us.