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We’re grateful to New Growth Press for helping make On Guard available to you at T4G. Please take a moment and visit their website to discover a wide-variety of gospel-centered titles for your church and home.

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In a season of constant change, it’s more important than ever to ensure your ministry is following its policies and procedures — especially when it comes to staff who work with children. We Are Grateful For The Generosity Of Brotherhood Mutual For Making This Resource Available.


Teach Your Staff And Volunteers To Keep Out Would-Be Offenders, Make Safe Potential Victims, And To Turn Your Entire Organization Into A Capable Guardian That Is On The Watch Against Evil. We Are Thankful For The Generosity Of Telios Teaches For Making This Course Available.

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This checklist is intended as a tool for ECAP Child Safety Standards compliance. This checklist and categories will assist leadership in implementing and maintaining a child protection program and will serve as a resource in preparation for ECAP accreditation.


Child Protection in Ministry

Partner with us to raise $45,000 in order to complete program trials and launch the accreditation program planned for early 2023.

We want to express our gratitude for Telios Teaches and their generosity in making The Capable Guardian course available for no charge. Please take a moment and visit their website for a list of additional course offerings for your church or ministry.

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Support the Translation of On Guard  into Spanish and French

What is Accreditation?

Executive Director Of ECAP, Jeff Dalrymple, And Accreditation Director Of ACSI, Carol Aversa, Explain What Accreditation Is And Is Not, And Why Churches And Ministries Should Pursue It In Order To Prevent Abuse.

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Child Protection
Panel Lunch

April 20, 2022

Ice House
Louisville, KY

Come hear from experts in child protection and ministry discuss the important topic of abuse prevention. Learn more about how to keep your kids safe so they can hear the gospel and grow in discipleship.