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ECAP @ SBC '23

Become a Candidate Member with ECAP and get the support you need to establish an effective Child Protection Program.

Initial Assessment Drawing

Submit your contact information for a chance to win a FREE Initial Assessment for your Christian Organization!

This is the organization we will do an Initial Assessment for if you win the drawing.

Join us for a panel conversation on child protection and abuse prevention in ministry featuring Jennifer Greenberg, Dr. Deepak Reju, Kris Buckman, and Jeff Dalrymple. The panel lunch will take place on June 13, 2023 from 12:00pm-1:30pm at the New Orleans Convention Center. Find out more here. Register here.

Welcome Florida Baptists!

The Florida Baptist State Convention just joined us as an Affiliate Network!

We are grateful to support Florida Baptist churches in their efforts to disciple and protect the next generation.

Read more here.

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To find out more about the Accreditation process, pricing, prerequisites, and where to begin, check out these pages:

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is an independent process of compliance verification which determines if an organization meets defined standards. ECAP awards accreditation to ministries that demonstrate compliance to Child Safety Standards through an assessment and audit process.


For more information on who can apply, the accreditation process, rates, and more see our Accreditation page and Accreditation White Paper.


What is an ECAP Accreditation Candidate?

Accreditation Candidates are part of the ECAP community, in the process of developing a Child Safety Program that is compliant with ECAP Child Safety Standards. Candidates are granted full access to the ECAP Community (or Member) Portal which includes member-only Resources, Affiliate offers, and the ECAP Forum where community members (candidates, affiliates, accredited members, and staff) exchange methods, best practices, and support. 

An organization becomes an Accreditation Candidate when their application is approved. If an organization remains in Candidate status (is not accredited) after 12 months, the fee is just $300 for another twelve (12) months. ECAP will continue to work with your organization to pursue Accreditation.

Why pursue ECAP Accreditation today?

Developing an ECAP-compliant Child Program is a lot of work, and many people don’t know where to start. When you become an Accreditation Candidate, you immediately gain access to the ECAP Community and resources that help you on your way to full accreditation. 

Other benefits include:

  • Access to a shared network of like-minded ministries
  • Discounted products and services from Affiliate organizations such as legal expertise, training providers, and insurance, with more added regularly.
  • Access to exclusive resources for your Child Safety Program
  • Resources related to responding to abuse allegations and caring for survivors
  • Training events from experts in the field
  • Discounted admission to ECAP events 
  • Learning more about your organization’s provisions for child safety

The earlier you join ECAP, the sooner our affiliates, resources, and community are available to you!


How can I decide if joining ECAP is the right decision?

ECAP recommends you conduct an initial assessment, where you ask yourself a series of essential questions that will bring your program “into focus” – to understand how effective your Child Protection Program is now.  Most ministries’ initial assessment reveals significant deficiencies.  These deficiencies are your reason or justification to invest in your ministry’s Child Protection Program by joining ECAP as an Accreditation Candidate. Work with your leadership to road-map your pathway toward full compliance.


Member Benefits

  • Shared network of like-minded ministries
  • Discounted products and services from Affiliate Member organizations
  • Access to exclusive resources on Child Safety
  • Training events from experts in the field
  • Discounted admission to ECAP events and conferences
  • Once accredited, license to publicly display ECAP Accreditation seal
  • Objective quality evidence that your organization effectively protects children
  • Peace of mind, knowing your organization is following Child Safety Standards developed by experts in the field
  • Your organization’s Child Protection Program will be refined through a continuous improvement process
  • Accreditation may deter predators from targeting your organization because you are stating you take Child Safety seriously